Level1 data dashboard

This dashboard is the user interface for browsing Level1b data from the Odin/SMR instrument. It is currently under development and changes are likely.

The dashboard uses the Odin/SMR rest-API to access the data. The first version of the API is already available for use, the documentation of the API will be published here soon.

The site is running on a minimal hardware setup for demonstration purposes only. Please be patient if the performance is slow.


Select a date from the calendar or enter it directly in the header field. The overview table containing information about the measurements for the selected day will automatically update. Click on a row in the table to view an overview of the measurements performed in a specific frequency mode (FM) of interest.

At the bottom of the page another table shows scans made for the chosen frequency mode and links to the data itself. This table is updated automatically when a selection is made in the overview table. On clicking a row in the scan table, an image visualising the scan data will be displayed.

Scan log data: Overview of daily measurements for

The table below describes log information of the measurements/scans made on the date selected. Click on a row to get a graphical overview of the log data, and to load the corresponding Level1b-data in the Scan information-Level1b table below this table.

Scan information - Level1B-data

Scan data can be downloaded directly from our rest-API using the links in the URL column. A scan is a group of spectra collected by the instrument when sweeping from the top of the atmosphere to the bottom (or vice-versa). To select a different scan, click on a row in the overview table or in the calendar. Click on a row in this table to show a graphical overview.